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Jose Ortiz


Mr. Jose Ortiz is the Founder and owner of Allstate Floors, a commercial flooring company. Run Hope Work was founded in 2015 by Jose Ortiz, who modeled the program after his own path to success after struggling with addiction and homelessness during his youth. Jose took a second chance from a mentor who taught him the flooring trade and friends who introduced him to running, saving himself from a life of hardship. Now a proud business owner, community leader, and triathlete, Jose wants to help others like him achieve wellness and career stability.

Executive Director


William "BJ" Paige

William T. Paige, known to many as B.J., is a lifelong native of the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.  BJ has joined Run Hope Work as the Executive Director September 2018. With over 10 years of nonprofit leadership, he is no stranger to the at-risk community; as a matter of fact, he is a product of the same. He has numerous accolades to include specializing as a Motivational Speaker, Master Facilitator, Life Coach and trailblazer in the field of Workforce Development.  Named Top Forty Under 40 for Prince George’s County 2017, The Maryland General Assembly Official Citation Awardee for his Community Commitment 2017 and Citizen of the Year 2017 from Omega Psi Phi Fraternity – Gamma Pi Chapter. He works with several civic based programs from feeding the under-served and re-entry programs for released offenders. 

Lead Case Manager


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Program Coordinator


Marcus Ball


Marcus Ball known to the world as Marc Shyst is one of DC hip hop pioneers who has sustained over the years with his music and acting as a brand. Along with his musical endeavors, Marc has took his trade skills of painting and built a business that has helped him give jobs and help many homeowners with his company.   While most of his predecessors have had success with getting record deals, Marc has maintained an underground fan base that has been growing over the years from DC to across the world. With over a decade of selling records and building relationships across the country touring underground, Marc has used his life and experiences to give back to the youth of his hometown DC with mentoring young adults. Marc is now a program director with Run Hope Work and giving his time and effort to help mentor the next generation on the importance of business and life structure.

Whom We Serve

Run Hope Work serves 20-24 young adult DC residents who are struggling with homelessness, are returning from the justice system, are runaways or are single parents. RHW specifically targets violent offenders, offenders with drug cases, and gang injunction cases. Our goal is to provide service to those that are deemed “too hard to reach” by the traditional DC non-profit, CSOs routinely send us their “problem” clients and we provide the work structure, serviceable skills, and daily discipline needed to get a positive change that lasts.