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Investing in yourself is investing in your family and your community. We are here to support you in taking that first step.

Our Program

Run Hope Work offers a multifaceted approach to empowerment through its diverse range of programs. From construction training to running and physical fitness sessions, participants engage in activities that foster discipline and goal-setting. Through hands-on construction training, individuals acquire valuable skills essential for success in the construction industry. Additionally, the running and physical fitness programs promote not only physical well-being but also instill discipline and resilience. Complementing these offerings are the HOPE sessions, which provide life skills training and incorporate mindfulness and meditation practices. These sessions serve as a grounding force, nurturing participants’ mental health and fostering a strong sense of identity. Together, these programs equip individuals with the tools and support necessary to navigate challenges and achieve their goals, both personally and professionally.


Construction demand has surged in the US and here in our nation’s capital, resulting in a large gap in employment in the construction industry. RHW acknowledges this as an opportunity to support Washington, DC’s youth and young adults entering the construction industry with the skills and hands-on experience needed to gain meaningful employment and a sustainable career.

Construction offers you the opportunity to help create something that makes a significant impact. It transforms entire communities and changes landscapes. A pile of bricks, wires, logs, and beams becomes a building where families live, companies work, or retail stores thrive!

As one of the largest grossing industries in the United States, construction is needed as people will always need to remodel and build houses, commercial buildings, or roads. When one project ends, the next one is already waiting to start.

Join the workforce of skilled craftspeople and help shape the landscape of your community.

Impact Story

Andriea Jackson

Andriea came to us as a 21yr old homeless young adult through the Covenant House Referral. As a former all State Track and field qualifier in High School, she was drawn to RHW for the running sessions.

How RHW helped

While completing her morning runs with the group Andriea was scouted by an AAU Track and field coach. As a result of her experience, she was afforded the opportunity to run in an adult Heat at The 2022 AAU National Track and Field open. Determined to change her life Andriea completed her training at the Painters Union and earned union membership. She was offered a job working at the State Capital with Clearances and was approved. With her new job, she was able to rent an apartment and is still currently working toward advancement in the construction industry.

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Yes, The program is paid training.

Run Hope Work (RHW) prepares you for job placement opportunities.

Yes. Run Hope Work (RHW) welcomes persons who are residents of the District who were previously incarcerated and are encouraged to apply for these programs.

Please click here or select the “Apply Now” button in the menu and submit your application. Alternatively, feel free to attend one of our recruitment events listed under the events menu on the website.