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Run Hope Work (RHW) was founded in 2015 to provide a pathway out of financial poverty and reduce post-traumatic stress (PTS) in high-risk youth populations. The intervention was designed to holistically reduce the number of unemployed young adult DC residents by providing employable skills training and certification.

The three words in our name, Run Hope Work, describes a holistic and developmentally appropriate intervention designed to train the next generation of business and social leaders by putting their future back in their own capable hands. Our tagline is “Whose Life Is It?” which references the accountability our program seeks to inspire in participants. Our program content has been designed with the support of skilled professionals, formerly incarcerated, homeless, single parent, and runaway professionals who have made positive changes in their own lives.

There are four ways to support our mission: you can volunteer, host, hire or donate. You can connect with RHW students in-person or virtually, in small or large group settings, and for short or long-term projects. RHW can create a customized partner experience suited to you or your team’s needs that prepares each student for career success. Read more

Please click here or select the “Apply Now” button in the menu and submit your application. Alternatively, feel free to attend one of our recruitment events listed under the events menu on the website.

Please select “events” in the menu, click on the link, RSVP, and join us. We would love to meet you.

Yes, the program is paid training.

Run Hope Work (RHW) prepares you for job placement opportunities.

Yes. Run Hope Work (RHW) welcomes persons who are residents of the district who were previously incarcerated and are encouraged to apply for these programs.

About Us

Run Hope Work is a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide at-risk DC youth with pathways to employment in the construction industry.