Run Hope Work Baltimore

A Transformational Workforce Development Program

Our Mission

Run Hope Work’s mission is to help youth and young adults
transform their lives through a holistic program incorporating
physical fitness, mental well-being, and industry-recognized workforce training.

Why Baltimore?

Like other major cities, Baltimore has thousands of young adults trying to find their way to a better future. Our model provides a pathway to prosperity for these young people-an opportunity to work toward physical health, mental wellness, and career success.

01 /Youth Empowerment

Baltimore City has 18,000 opportunity youth ages 16-24, our primary target population.

02 /Baltimore's Mission

Run Hope Work will help build a better Baltimore by prioritizing young people and increasing their access to quality employment, mentorship, and entrepreneurship opportunities.

03 /Breaking the Cycle

We work with young people who have histories of legal and child welfare involvement, homelessness, school disconnection, and overall trauma.

04 /Workforce Projections

Our primary trades--construction and IT-- are anticipated to grow annually in Baltimore City by 640 and 550, respectively.

What Sets Us Apart?

Among countless workforce development programs, Run Hope Work stands alone. We recognize that success in the workforce requires more than just job training. Our foundational elements of physical fitness and mindfulness, combined with intensive, skills-based work-readiness training, equip our participants with the tools for long-term employment success.

Our Founder’s Vision

Run Hope Work’s founder, Jose Ortiz Gaud, originally from Puerto Rico, found his second home in Baltimore, where he underwent a personal transformation, embracing recovery, entrepreneurship, and a newfound passion for running. While launching Run Hope Work in Washington, D.C., he always harbored a vision of returning to Baltimore to establish a similar program.

Today, we are dedicated to realizing Jose’s dream by introducing Run Hope Work’s life-changing program to Baltimore’s young adults. Jose’s legacy as a respected Baltimore businessman, coupled with his untimely passing, motivates us—his friends, family, colleagues, and the Run Hope Work team—to expedite this initiative. With your support, we can make this vision a reality.

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Whose Life Is It?

Our tagline-“Whose Life Is lt?”-was Jose’s mantra. Atter experiencing the depths of addiction, homelessness, and disconnection from school and family, Jose took charge of his life through recovery, running, meditation, and relentless hard work. Jose encouraged participants to ask themselves, “Whose Life Is It?” to empower them to build their own futures.


The Program


The Outcomes


The Program

The Outcomes

The Outcomes

Support Baltimore’s Youth

To launch this transformative program with impact, we are seeking $200,000 in funding to power our first year of operations. Join hands with us in championing the potential of Baltimore’s youth by making an investment that will shape their future.

Discover the multiple ways you can contribute to this incredible cause:




Be a ‘Founding Sponsor’ and make a lasting impact! Join us at multiple contribution levels, where your support drives our mission forward.




Join the cause by contributing at any level through our GoFundMe campaign. Discover how your support can make a meaningful impact today!




Be a vital part of our mission! Contribute to fundraising, empower job seekers, hire dedicated staff, and mentor youth. Join us in driving positive change.

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Your support is important to our work at RUN HOPE WORK. There are many ways you can contribute towards our cause and every little bit goes a long way in helping us fulfill our mission.

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Elyse Braner

Board member

Elyse is the Director, People + Culture at Pacers Running, where she manages the HR Department and Community Marketing.  She is a runner and triathlete and competed in track and cross country at the collegiate level at Smith College.

Elyse is a committed community volunteer.  She is an active member of the Junior League of Washington, and previously served on the Board of Girls on the Run-DC and Back on My Feet-DC. Elyse is an Ambassador for FIT-DC (the Mayor’s Fitness Initiative) and Run4AllWomen (an organization which promotes social justice and activism through movement).