The Inspiring Legacy of our Founder,
Jose Ortiz

Jose Ortiz

Honoring the Legacy

In memoriam of Jose Ortiz, the visionary force behind Run Hope Work, we honor a life transformed and a legacy of compassion. Jose’s journey from adversity to triumph forged a foundation for hope. His personal struggles with addiction and homelessness inspired a remarkable transformation. Fueled by running and meditation, he soared beyond hardship.

A beneficiary of a mentor’s guidance and the camaraderie of friends, Jose blossomed into a community leader, Allstate Floors’ esteemed owner, and an accomplished triathlete. Through Run Hope Work, he extended his hand to others, lighting the way to wellness and stability. We bid farewell to a true inspiration, forever etched in our hearts.

Jose Ortiz's Enduring Impact on Family and Community

Jose Ortiz embraced his family and community with an unwavering heart. His devotion knew no bounds as he nurtured relationships, spreading warmth and compassion to all. Whether supporting his loved ones or lending a helping hand to neighbors in need, Jose’s generosity and kindness uplifted those around him. His legacy lives on through the countless lives he touched, a beacon of love that forever illuminates the hearts of his family and community.

Jose's Legacy Lives On

Jose’s deep love for running and his community fueled his life’s transformation, leading to the birth of Run Hope Work. In the wake of his passing, we are determined to keep his dream alive. Run Hope Work strives to empower others through running, meditation, and meaningful work, just as Jose did, ensuring his legacy endures and flourishes.

Run for a Better Life 5k

Empowering DC Youth in Memory of Founder Jose Ortiz

Join us on October 22nd at 8:00 am for Run Hope Work’s annual 5K event at Anacostia Park’s Roller-Skating Pavilion.

Established in 2014, Run Hope Work, a DC nonprofit, empowers local young adults through running, meditation, and workforce training, breaking the cycle of poverty and violence. This year’s race is dedicated to our beloved founder, Jose Ortiz, who tragically passed away in April. His inspiring journey from hardship to success                    continues to guide us.

Let’s honor his legacy and support our community by participating in this uplifting event. Run with us and be part of a better future for DC’s youth.

Run Hope Work’s Pathway to Employment

RHW utilizes culturally relevant training modules and mentors to develop positive character attributes. We offer construction skills training, workforce readiness training, as well as physical fitness training, and post-traumatic meditation therapy.


Join the workforce of skilled craftspeople and help shape the landscape of your


RHW is your fast-track to a sustainable career through training and employer referral.