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The Run Hope Work story

Founded in 2014, Run Hope Work (RHW) aims to uplift DC’s young adults by providing them with pathways out of financial poverty. The initiative is designed to equip them with employable skills training and certification, fostering their development into the next generation of business and social leaders. The three words in its name, Run Hope Work, embody a holistic and developmentally appropriate approach, placing the power to shape their futures back into the capable hands of these individuals.

Jose Ortiz

Honoring Our Founder's Legacy

Run Hope Work was founded in 2014 by Jose Ortiz, who has since passed away. Jose had modeled the program after his own path to success, after he struggled with addiction and homelessness. He received a second chance from a mentor who taught him the trade of flooring, and friends who introduced him to running.

Running and meditation saved him from a life of hardship. Jose became the proud owner of Allstate Floors, a community leader, and a decorated triathlete. With a heart full of compassion, Jose had created Run Hope Work in hopes of helping others like him achieve wellness and career stability.

Whose Life Is It?

Jose’s mantra was our tagline; “Whose Life Is It?”. After experiencing the depths of addiction, homelessness, and disconnection from school and family, Jose took charge of his life through recovery, running, meditation, and relentless hard work. Jose encouraged participants to ask themselves “Whose Life Is It?” to empower them to build their own futures.

Run hope work | Workforce development and Non Profit Organization

Holistic Approach

RHW utilizes a holistic approach that combines physical, mental and vocational training to promote overall well-being and empower youth for long-term employment.

Run hope work | Workforce development and Non Profit Organization

Physical and Mental Health

RHW’s program develops physical and mental well-being through structured run training and deliberate meditation, and prepares youth for work via life skills and work-readiness classes along with trade certifications.

Run hope work | Workforce development and Non Profit Organization

Employment Support

RHW youth receive stipends during the six month program along with professional mentoring and daily programming. Upon graduation, RHW youth earn job placement and ongoing employment support.

Our Mission

Run Hope Work’s mission is to help youth and young adults transform their lives through a holistic program incorporating physical fitness, mental well-being, and industry-recognized workforce training.